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All Saints Church Stanhoe Norfolk by Katey Jane photography

All Saints Church Stanhoe Norfolk A small slice of history out in the sticks of Norfolk, how I would describe this beautiful church. And yet another churchyard full of wonderful spring flowers that I haven’t seen elsewhere. Main website Katey Jane photography HERE View all photos of All Saints Stanhoe HERE View all HERE Location GOOGLE MAPS After spending the day along the Norfolk coastline and worn out from my walking, I moved near Stanhoe, parked up for the night and lay there listening to the rain hammering on the roof of the motorhome for hours and with an empty water tank the rain came in handy as the motorhome has a rain-fed water system to the vans water tank. Ohh what a noisy night in bed with the heavy rain thundering down on the van’s roof, it was one of those dam nights where you drop off and then wake up that felt endless. As dawn broke and the rain still pouring down it was time to check the weather radar, and th